About Us

Company Profile

DS Multi Marketing is engaged in manufacturing, Trading and supplying wide range of multi catagory products, i.e. Health Care, Cosmetic, Home Care, Digital Technology, Software, Bio Energy, Travelling, Life Style, Spiritual, Tally TV, Educational, Vehicle, Agriculture, Electronics, Apparels, Jewelry Products. Our products are of excellent quality and available at reasonable rates, and are appreciated by many firms and companies in India. These products are sourced only from trustworthy and reliable manufacturing companies. The reliable vendor base makes sure that they manufacture these products, which are widely acclaimed amongst our customers because of their reliability and advanced features. Our knowledgeable approach towards business providing every client with precise information, advice and solutions required to be successful in the Indian market, backed by thorough market research, in-depth analysis, and accurate execution. We understand the aspirations and requirements of our clients and their distributors.
Our experience guarantees maximum exposure, placing our client's heads and shoulders above all others. DS Multi Marketing has spent many years 'getting into position' to handle the conference market, and have the finest product selling.

Why Choose Us

In today's extremely competitive and dynamic market scenario, one needs to have answers to questions. There is a recipe for success, but the ingredient mix changes from product to product, country to country and company to company. Our experience knows the exact mix that will provide you with the success that you seek.

We can also help you to start your own Multi Level Marketing (MLM) / Direct Selling Company for which we will provide you all marketing tools like brochures, banners, Power Point presentations, Educational material such as training manuals, books, catalogues etc. & many more.

The World Federation of Direct Selling (WFDSA) states in its latest report that the official turnover of generated sales volume is $153,727 million. With more than 91 million registered independent sales people involved in selling and distributing goods and services worldwide it is easy to see and understand why these figures are achieved. It also explains why there has never been a decline in sales revenue even in times of recession. These numbers only capture a small segment of companies. The products and services marketed via independent direct sellers cover almost all consumer goods and services. It is also an undeniable fact that any company not currently investigating the power of direct sales is missing out on what could potentially be the greatest marketing medium available today.

DS Multi Marketing, one of the most powerful and influential direct sales support franchisee in India today is available to guide, advise, and assist companies from around the world as they look to ways and means of establishing a successful presence in the booming Indian market.

We are the first and foremost choices of our esteemed clients are as follows:

More then 200+ products and 500 more products are coming soon.
Regular update new & innovative products.
100% fully online support.
Wide network of vendors
Team of trained professionals
Timely delivery of consignments
Ability to meet bulk requirements
Access to the best local and global expertise
You have the questions? We have the answers!
A team with an astute understanding of what needs to be done to get the job done successfully

Mission & Vision

  • The success of our client's expansion is our top priority and we will deploy all our skills and expertise to help them achieve it.
  • We will continue to work to enhance our knowledge and hone our skills according to the changes in this dynamic marketplace.
  • Our focus will be on giving the client precise and correct advice that will help them enhance their chances of success.
  • Wide network of vendors
  • We will work towards creating long lasting business relationships that are mutually beneficial. The loyalty and
  • Trust of our clients are the pillars on which we have created our foundation.
  • We will continue to work towards creating a better and ethical Direct Selling Industry in India.

Corporate Value

  • Integrity :- We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct
  • Respect :- We value diversity, talents and ideas and treating everyone with dignity and fairness
  • Customer Driven :- We achieve success by balancing the need of our distributors & customers
  • Excellence :- We give our best and brings us recognition
  • Accountability :- We accept and upload our full responsibility to our distributors, community staff and organization
  • Caring :- We will listen, interact with kindness, empathy and respect in a helpful way
  • Flexibility :- Changes is the only constant in life. Therefore we will embrace it and adapt to make it happen

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